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Framed Bathroom Mirrors: Trimmed out Your Bathroom Mirror with Frame

framed bathroom mirrors 2016

Mirror should not be forgotten in a bathroom. Whenever you want to see your make up and check your performance, you cannot do it better without a mirror. So, the availability of mirror in your bathroom is recommended for you. That is the main function of mirror here. Yet, time by time, the function of […]


No Need to Have Wall Cabinet? Try Bathroom Floor Cabinet!

bathroom floor cabinet ikea

Storing goods well can keep your room from dirties and mess. If you have many numbers of bathroom stuffs, you also need to store them well inside. There are many choices of furniture used for storing stuffs in the bathroom, such as vanity, shelves, and cabinet. Yep, cabinet can also be intended for bathroom. Surely, […]


IKEA Bathroom Vanities, Simply Yet Satisying

IKEA bathroom vanities canada

Every people want to fulfill the rooms in their house with high quality of furniture, including the bathroom. For some people, the design of bathroom is important. They do not only concern about the cleanness, but also the bathroom performance. The more beautiful performance, the more comfort they will get. It becomes the reason why […]


Bathroom Floor Tiles: From Square to Honeycomb

bathroom floor tiles design

Every element in a room is potential to beautify the room performance. You can also find it in a bathroom. You can design your own bathroom to become more beautiful. This will give you more comfort feeling when you spend time inside. You can play with the bathroom furniture, wallpaper, decorations, and bathroom floor tiles for sure. […]


The Classic and Modern Black Bathroom Vanity

black bathroom vanity ideas

Decorating bathroom can be done in many ways, but you can start by choosing and deciding the proper furniture to fulfill your bathroom and complete its function as well. You can firstly look at some choices of bathroom vanities existed. The bathroom vanities can be found in various kinds of designs, sizes, and colors. The […]

Bathroom, Bathroom Remodel

Small Bathroom Vanity: Small Size, Big Impact!

small bathroom vanity cabinet

There is nothing more useful and interesting than a bathroom vanity as the place to store your bathroom stuffs. Bathroom vanity is intended for those who have many bathroom stuffs and want to keep it well arranged in the bathroom. Nevertheless, if you only have few bathroom stuff or toiletries, it does not mean you […]

Bathroom, Bathroom Remodel

Grab Your Vanities for Bathroom

vanities for bathroom modern

For the love of elegance and dainties, seeing something mess is very annoying. You may be one of those people who keep much stuff in your house, including in your bathroom. There must be many toiletries, bathroom stuff, and make up you need to store in your bathroom. You can provide a bathroom cabinet to […]

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The Modest yet Stylish design of Bathroom Vanities IKEA

bathroom vanities IKEA canada

If you are looking for good quality furniture to complete your bathroom function, many advices may direct you to IKEA. Yep, it is true that IKEA provide many various kinds of furniture for home, including for bathroom. Here, you can find such functional bathroom furniture like vanities. Vanities can keep your bathroom clean and neat […]